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PRHC Dispositions Services
"The time line from property conception to ownership exit can span several decades. Countless professionals with varying roles and responsibilities are involved in building and maintaining a strong property. Often times, the professionals who structured the deal are not around at point of exit and understanding the disposition process can be a challenge."
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​Strategic Disposition Planning

The PRHC staff is experienced with digging back into a projects original underwriting and communicating with third party professionals (syndicators, lenders, regulatory authorities, etc.) in regards to property re-syndication, re-financing or re-structuring, owner tax positions and exit strategies, phantom income, sale of general or limited partner interests, cash flow waterfalls, etc. 

Analysis  of LIHTC projects as they age out of the active LIHTC compliance period is especially intricate and we can work with owners in years 10-15 to determine the needs of the properties.  We provide review of existing debt, equity and regulatory documents, along with an analysis of the best moves to re-position the properties and exit the limited partners, as well as the general partners, if desired.  

PRHC specializes in relationships with General Partners that have properties approaching the end of
debt amortization terms and LIHTC year 15 transitions. We approach this process in three steps:

  • Analyze key partnership, regulatory and debt documents to summarize key transaction points.
  • ​Utilize this information to determine the best future for the property and the most advantageous plan for the general partner by which to hold, sell or refinance.
  • Identify options and timelines for ext of current debt/equity partners.

  • Negotiate the exit of current debt/equity partners
  • Utilize our development experience to identify new debt and equity for the project, as needed, to ensure the property is well maintained physically and focus on improving cash flow for the general partner.

  • Staging of the physical asset for sale or refinance opportunities.
  • Detailed financial review to identify areas to improve prior to sale/appraisal.

Don't leave this most critical time in your developments' life cycle to chance - partner with an experienced advisor with over 20 years in the industry. ​